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Experiment : Writing a Blog Saturday, June 20, 2009 |

Aim: Writing a Blog

Material Required: A topic and few friends to comment on it (I dont have either!)

Theory: blog (a contraction of the term "web log") is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.

Before you begin:

Think about topics of your dis-interest (like studies, career, etc). Continue your thought process, until your mind is totally exhausted. This will help your mind to be in a perfect shape to think abput trash


1) Scan your day-to-day life and your brain to find some base for your blog. Alternatively, google other blogs to copy-paste other's ideas (only idea!)

2) Once you have got a foundation, get yourself the material for the blog. 2-3 points will do.

3)Switch on your pc, and start drafting your blog. Use MS Word's word suggestions and Answers.com to employ superior-level words in your blog

4)As you write, delevop more and more points but don't overdo it (as I normally do)

5)Once you are finished with writing, go through your blog before actually publishing it

7) Once the blog is published, pleed your friends, blackmail them, threat them to get their comments on your blog.

1) Don't write about matter you don't fell about.
2) Follow your writing style, even if its not perfect.
3) Even if you are copying the idea, give it your own taste
4) If required, don't hesitate in using third degree to get your friends' comments

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THE RACE Saturday, June 13, 2009 |

MARCH 29,3009:
Today,the loo blowing through this tiny town is hotter than usual.though to call this place a town would not be exactly correct but Haripur is the only place left habitable on the surface of the earth which itself has changed into a huge boundles desert.
The increased pollution levels had caused such drastic changes in the environment that very few forms of life had survived.This was mainly because the ozone layer had depleted so much that it had led to a phenomenon commonly called "Burnout" in which the sun's direct rays had caused the death of many life forms by burning them to death.Haripur survived because it was situated in such a region where the killer rays had not been able to reach as of yet.
But the hide and seek game has ended.The Climate Monitoring Headquarters had informed the residents that the ozone layer above them had started degrading and within a few hours they would meet the same fate met by others.
That is why even in such a hot day everyone is digging a small area in order to make a shelter to save themselves from the killer rays.A Race between time, nature and life has started.
Watching all these through his binoculars from the balcony of his house at the outskirts of Haripur Vikrant sadly shakes his head. He knows this are futile efforts.The damage has been done.
Vikrant is an environmentalist.He had come and settled in Haripur with Ayesha,his wife when it had been a beautiful place full of flora n fauna.But despite his best efforts he had watched it transform into a desert town before his eyes.He had lost his parents in "The Burnout" and knew that even they had tried many methods to survive but had failed.He himself had tried to restore some greenery in Haripur by planting some plants but was forced to be a mere spectator as the trees slowly died due to lack of proper growth conditions.
As the light decreased the flurry of activities in the town also went down.Finally all decided to call it aday and go to their homes.Vikrant also removed the binoculars from his eyes and went inside their house.Ayesha had already laid out the table for dinner.There was an unusual gloom in the air as they silently had their dinner.
After retiring to bed they held each other's hands and assured each other not to worry and be brave.
At around 5 in the morning Vikrant is pulled awake by aloud beep on the radio. Something important was being transmitted.He rubbed his eyes and switched on the receiver.A clear voice was saying,"Fellow mates out there.With great regret in my heart I have to inform you that we have entered the last hour of our lives.Brace up yourselves and make yourselves ready to face the punishment of all our sins together."


A Comeback Monday, June 1, 2009 |

Well am finally back after a long incognito.

Well am finally going somewhere IIT or NIT or maybe some good government college.
IIT made it into the EML. Now lets see where it leads me ; if not NIT is sure. Whatever,
now as the results trickle in I see the unbalance in equations with the quota provided by the best brains in the government. I see so many scoring less than half of my score but either there preparatory is sure or good NIT is sure... while many score 50 60 marks more but have to wait for 2nd 3rd counseling.

Whatever i am dissatisfied with the election results. I cant bear Sonia who still cant speak Hindi properly but still is the shadow ruler of India. But this is why India sucks. Dont get me wrong I was big patriot till some months ago. But now it has all changed. I maybe still love India. But I hate it for all the caste reservation and the dirty religion politics etc which sometimes wants to make me vomit. You can say even after all the faults we must love it after all its our own country. But this excuse has been given for last 20 30 years. So go screw yourself.
Me ; the first chance I get , I will leave India and never return again. I dont want it.

Here everyone is tense about the results. Man, at least am saved from all that.

Whatever days are bore. People are too busy in there own things. Umm , I am thinking...lets go guwahati and never return to bongaigaon. Dude here life sucks....

goobye for now


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